An Intelligent Innovative Intergrated ERP custom build for your Smart Industry

Automated and Simplified ERP process.

About iCube

ICUBE is a customized ERP Solution tailored to match your exact needs without discrepancy. It involves the simplification of business process management by integrating all the various applications to manage the business. ICUBE is very user friendly in a way that it doesn't require any definitive technical knowledge to use it. It is versatile and applicable across all the platforms available (Android, IOS, windows).



Applicable in all devices (smart phones, desktop, tablets). Our Technical team will provide an extremely informative training to the users of our application.



We offer an integrated order management, production, quality management and machine maintenance along with entire ERP.



Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data can be calculated efficiently along with all the analytics data value.

Our Features


Multi platform

iCube is applicable across multiple platforms (Android, IOS, Windows).


All the important functions & data has been integrated.


Our version of ERP is simplified for easy usage.


It has various kinds of application in the Industry.

User friendly

Very much usable by everyone with a smartphone.

Exhaustive Reporting

iCube's top notch reporting makes it superior in the competition.