Granite ERP

One Stop Solution for end-to-end tracking of your Granite Sales & Production

One Stop Solution for end-to-end tracking of your Granite Sales & Production


Exporting or Selling Granite Rough blocks, Slabs, Tiles, Monuments is a leading business in India. But the process of the extracting granites slabs from the quarry and selling has so much process. Granite Sales involve end to end management of Products, Expenses, Sales, Income, Orders, Loading and Reports.

iGnovate's Granite ERP is custom designed to suit the exclusive needs of Granite Industries. Our Granite ERP supports entire flow of granites sales operations from Quarry to Customer.

The robust and powerful admin panel caters to the exhaustive operations of the administrator with advanced configurations for User Management, Catalogue Management, Sales and Reports.

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Our Modules


Rough Block Marking with quarry details.



Entire Granite Polishing Factory Flow.



Sales and Operations for Rough Blocks, Slabs, Tiles, Monuments and other Products.



Permit payment for marked rough blocks.



Amount Received From Buyers with secure.



Fully integrated and customizable reports handcrafted and well tested for leading granite suppliers.


With ground experience, cutting-edge talent and complete knowledge of how Granite Industry works, we have great service for you

  • Easy User Interface lets the user to handle this ERP effectively.
  • Exhaustive search features to search over the customers and products quickly.
  • Data storage in encrypted format ensures confidentiality of Business.
  • Detailed Marking related information handled.
  • Flexible interaction provides rich user experience.
  • Data can be exportable in various format.
  • Master modules to manage Quarry, Material color, Shades, Lease information, Permit and other relevant information.
  • Versatile Taxation module.
  • Able to manage marker commissions effectively.
  • Qualities of granite can be maintained.
  • Manage loading of the blocks, slabs, tiles with accurate information.
  • End to End Management of production flow to support both type of Businesses, Direct Rough Block exports and Rough Block processing units.
  • Direct Rough Block Exports Flow
  • Rough Blocking Marking, Proforma, Permit, Sales, Loading and Receipts.
  • Polishing Factory Flow
  • Rough Block, Permit, Gang saw, Bridge cutting / Waterjet Polishing / Flaming, Customer Order, Proforma, Sales, Loading, Amount Receipt.
  • 100% accuracy in transactions helping the industries to manage marker payments.
  • Cross verification functions to verify the outstanding amount receipts.
  • With the decade of experience in Granite industry, we have developed custom made MIS Reports which suits the Business expectation precisely.
  • Generate reports for any time period, comparing time period.
  • All reports are full dynamic allowing you to navigate easily.


Multiple Branches

Manage all your branches and their transactions in a single ERP.


Customer Can mark a rough block as per their requirements. You can save the entire marking information including marker commission.


If needed revise the proforma based on customer need (Add/Remove/Rate Revision).


If needed rCustom made Invoice with all loading details.